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Reactjs Awesome Resources

Awesome React

A collection of awesome things regarding React ecosystem.


JavaScript Library for building User Interfaces

React General Resources

React Community

React Online Playgrounds

React Tutorials

React General Tutorials
React Hooks
React and TypeScript
React Performance
React Internals
React Interview Questions

React Tools

React Development Tools
React Frameworks
  • Next.js – The React Framework
  • Gatsby.js – Free and open source framework based on React
React Styling
  • Styled Components – Visual primitives for the component age
  • Emotion – Library designed for writing CSS styles with JavaScript
  • Radium – A toolchain for React component styling
  • JSS – Authoring tool for CSS
  • Styletron – An universal toolkit for component-oriented styling
React Routing
  • React Router – Declarative routing for React
  • Navi – Declarative, asynchronous routing for React
  • Curi – JavaScript router for single-page applications
React Component Libraries
  • Material UI – React components for faster and easier web development
  • Ant Design – A design system with values of Nature and Determinacy
  • Blueprint – A React-based UI toolkit for the webs
  • Fabric React – React components for building Microsoft web experiences
  • React Bootstrap – The most popular front-end framework Rebuilt for React
  • Semantic UI React – The official Semantic-UI-React integration
React Awesome Components
React for Command Line
  • ink – React for interactive command-line apps
  • react-blessed – A React renderer for blessed terminal interface library

React Testing Libraries

Animation Components
React Integration
Model Libraries
Data Managing

React Native

Framework for building native apps using React

React Native General Resources

React Native Tutorials

React Native Developer Experience

React Native Sample Apps

React Native Boilerplates

React Native Awesome Components

React AR/VR

Usage of React for Augmented and Virtual Reality

  • React 360 – Create exciting 360 and VR experiences using React
  • Viro React – Platform for rapidly building AR/VR applications using React Native


Reason bindings for ReactJS


Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

Flux General Resources

Flux Implementations

Flux Tutorials


Predictable State Container for JavaScript Apps

Redux General Resources

Redux Tools

Redux Tutorials


Simple, scalable state management for JavaScript Apps

MobX General Resources

MobX Tools

MobX Tutorials


Query Language

GraphQL Spec

GraphQL Tools

GraphQL Tutorials

GraphQL Implementations

Server Integration

Database Integration


Data-Driven React Applications

Relay General Resources

Relay Tutorials

Relay Tools


Data stack based on GraphQL

Apollo General Resources

Apollo Tools


Important Talks

React.js Conf 2015 Playlist

ReactEurope Conf 2015 Day 1 Playlist

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ReactRally Conf 2015 Playlist

React.js Conf 2016 Playlist

React Amsterdam 2016 Playlist

ReactEurope Conf 2016 Day 1 Playlist

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ReactRally Conf 2016 Playlist

React.js Amsterdam 2018 Playlist

Video Tutorials


Example Apps

Real apps


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